Musical director - Gennady Sergienko
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The Russian and Ukrainian folk music and dance ensemble "Chicago Cossacks" was created in 1993 and since then has been entertaining people of the Greater Chicago area and beyond. The original members of the group were Nataliya Sergienko, Nadiya Dnes and Gennady Sergienko.

Historically Cossacks were members of multinational communities living in Ukraine and southern Russia. Often these communities were named after a river they lived near by (such as Dnieper, Kuban, Don etc). We chose the name "Chicago Cossacks" because we live along Chicago river
and play multinational music.

Current members of the group:

Natasha Bodansky - vocals.
Is a native of Kharkov, Ukraine. Singing has been her passion since early years.  Natasha holds a Bachelor of Music Degree in Choral Conducting from Kharkov State Institute of Arts (1995). She received her Master of Music in Vocal Performance Degree from University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, where she studied voice with Frances Crawford. While in Urbana-Champaign, Natasha performed with the UIUC Russian Folk Orchestra. Natasha is a school teacher, and performing extensively in Chicago area. Her repertory includes a variety of music from opera and operetta to international music. Natasha is a member of  Music Academy International Community Chorus of Northwestern University. She has also been a Cantorial Soloist with UIC Hillel Foundation for five years.

Alexander Kaminsky - double bass.
Graduated from Kharkov (Ukraine) Institute of Arts in 1979 with major in double-bass. Played in different music assembles and orchestras including Kiev Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra. Playing in different styles: classical, jazz and folk music.

Vadim Dubovsky - vocals.
Studied at Kiev Specialized Music school named after Lysenko. Holds BA in Music Teaching at Kiev Pedagogical Institute (musical-pedagogical faculty) and BA in Music at Kiev Conservatory (opera singing, dramatic baritone). Has performed at Revutsky Academic Male Capella. As a part of National Academic Choir of Ukraine "Dumka" has toured most of the European countries. Worked at Ukrainian radio in Chicago.

Nadiya Dnes - vocals.
Native of Volodymyr-Volynsky, Ukraine. Has taught music for many years, specializing in Ukrainian folk instruments, particularly bayan. Performed through the years as a bayan player as solo and also ensembles and orchestras. Has a good singing voice and has also performed as a solo vocalist and as a part of larger vocal groups.

Arkady Bodner - accordion, piano, keyboard.
Graduated with distinction from Music College and Conservatory at Tashkent. Has been working as a piano teacher, accordion and piano performer, and a wedding band director for many years.

Arkady Pevchik - bayan (Russian button accordion).
BA in Music at Kiev (Ukraine) Music College. Worked in Kiev Concert Association as an accompanist/ Russian accordion player. Performed solo and also in many different orchestras and bands in the Ukraine and Chicago area, including Kiev Military Ensemble. The winner of the USSR Competition of accompanists.

Gennady Sergienko - domra, balalaika, mandolin.
BA in Music at Kiev (Ukraine) Institute of Performing Arts, member of Balalaika & Domra Association of America. Performed in the following orchestras and bands: Russian Folk Orchestra at October Palace of Culture in Kiev, Souvenir, Tum-balalaika, The Internationals, The Russian Folk Orchestra of University of Illinois etc.

Galina Shogan - dancer.

Has danced in Modern Dance Ensemble "Festival'ny" at Sumy State University in Sumy, Ukraine for 5 years.
In 2005-2009 at Ballroom and Folk Dance School at Mazurdance. In 2007-2008 - ballroom dances at Masterica School, choreographer Gintaras Grinkevichus. Also she used to take lessons at McNulty Irish Dance School. In 2008-2011 a member of dance group at Atrium Theater. Currently is a choreographer, backstage manager and sound/light engineer at By The Way Theater.

Marta Mykhaylyshyn - dancer.
Started dancing when she was five. At the age of 14 Marta graduated Ukrainian National Dance School. Since 2008 she is a student of "Mazurdance" School. Also attends "Bravo Ballroom Studio".

Chicago Cossacks contact information: Gennady ("Henry") Sergienko
e-mail: kievchgoman@yahoo.com   phone: 847-971-3941